viernes, 16 de marzo de 2012


Hoy nos toca cantar y reir con estos simpáticos dinosaurios, no os podeis perder su pegadiza canción!

Aquí teneis la letra de la canción, podeis seguir practicando lo que ya aprendimos en clase!

The dinosaurs song

They used to walk. They used to swim.
They used to fly with a toothy grin.
Some ate plants and some ate meat.
Some walked around on just two feet.

Oh, the dinosaurs! Big as trees!
The dinosaurs! Brains like peas!
Jaws and claws and teeth and bone...
that used to growl and groan and moan.

Some had feathers. Some had scales.
Spikes clubs and whip-like tails.
They fought like dragons. The earth sure shock.
The volcanos sizzled and the lava coocked.


Tyrannosaurus Rex was a terrible king.
The Stegosaurus' tail could really swing.
Brachiosaurus liked to stomp.
Trachodon would chew and chomp.


They roamed the earth for a hundred million years...
without worries, ares or fears.
Then one day they hit the soil...
now they're fossils, gas and oil!


Si aún quereis saber más sobre los dinosaurios y pasar un buen rato con ellos, en el siguiente enlace podreis visitar una web repleta de actividades y juegos sobre ellos. Picar sobre la imagen para acceder a la web:

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